3 Youtube Channels for serious Grooves

Roaming around Youtube in search for the best grooves can be really rewarding sometimes.

At Light & Shade we are always searching for the best playlists and stylish channels to play during our daily life. Music has the powerful effect of setting the mood for your day and you should always keep your soundtrack up to date.

Here is our top 5 Youtube channels to add good taste to your daily life:

1. Our Own: Light & Shade Men

Yes we are just starting but already with some great mixes going on and all done with love. Our main mixtape going on is ‘The Cocktail Shaker’ with volumes 1 & 2 already out  focusing around obscure 70s grooves, lounge and chill-out music to listen in the end of a sunny afternoon in your beach house:


2. Mr Kenzo

With more than 16K subscribers Mr. Kenzo did his last submission 2 years ago. It pretty much seems like a dead youtube channel but the quality of the huge amount of uploads he did is astonishing. This channel focuses around funk, disco and lounge music influenced by these 2 genres:


3. Delicieuse Musique

This one is the biggest and most known. Delicieuse Musique has been delivering serious grooves for years now. They go beyond being a Youtube channel which is only one of their means for distribution. Their own record label aligns with their principles and gathers the most tasteful composers out there.

Covering genres like house, lounge and disco their good taste can be felt in everything they do: From the music itself to the aesthetic of their mythical covers.


Written By:

Manuel Guimarães


Instagram | Pinterest


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