If you really appreciate clothing and quality usually your interests go beyond the garment itself. You value the quality of design, the history behind it, the history behind the brand, the cultural and attitude statement that comes with it, the quality of construction and finally  the quality of the raw materials used.

Here we want to talk about that specific last item and present to you BUAISOU.  Founded in 2012 by two Japanese indigo farmers and dyers, Kenta Watanabe and Kakuo Kaji, Buaisou is renowned for its indigo leaf farming and for its tradition in creating the perfect Indigo pigment or “Japan Blue” through a process based in ancient history and artisan methods.

“Using an traditional technique of fermenting SUKUMO in ash lye, calcium hydroxide, and wheat bran, BUAISOU creates this so-called “hell vat”. The garments dyed in this 100% natural vat turn into deep and luminous “Japan Blue””

Natural indigo blue is one of the hardest colors to achieve and Buaisou’s soul piercing indigo is used by the likes of DRAKES in London for their ties or the HILL-SIDE in New York. Their Indigo farm is located in Tokushima in Japan and they also have an atelier in Brooklin, New York where they  hold workshops with the SUKUMO vat, created with ingredients shipped from Tokushima and sell their products.

Written By:

Manuel Guimarães


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