Cult Helmets in Formula 1

Like in every Motorsport, progress is constantly changing Formula 1. Every year the guys in charge introduce new regulations and developments in safety features. Looking back at the greatest helmets in Formula 1 history, we can observe how this phenomenon coped with the changing of aerodynamics, and manufacturing techniques but, besides that, it’s obvious that the aesthetics have become part of the drivers’ rituals.

It’s notorious how the painting schemes changed throughout the decades. They changed so much that if in the beginning drivers like Tazio drove with only a thin leather cap, nowadays special editions made out of carbon fibre, are very common and have become a habit to guys like Hamilton or Vettel. In the period between Tazio and Lewis, we had the advent of colour, starting with some stripes on plain white helmets, open helmets gave their place to the full faces, and they came in all the shapes and designs humans could create.

Helmets are appreciated by F1 fans all over the world every weekend when they watch the GP in their HDTV’s, but what about the oldschool ones, those that belonged to F1 legends that aren’t on TV anymore? Well, that’s what this article is all about. Leave your comments and tell us what are your favourite ones…

Written By:

Luís Cantista



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