Ferrari 275 GTB – A Thing of Beauty

Skip Barber described it like this:
I can still see one in Cambridge. A bright yellow one with a woman who had the best pair of blue jeans and high heels getting into the car… I got the car. (…) It’s not a car you ride in. It’s a car you drive.

Still it is a real gentlemen race car to ride in…

It really is a thing of beauty. The long nose, tight tail. Classy but still carrying that Italian exuberance. In our humble opinion it is without a doubt one of the sexiest cars ever made.

But looks aren’t enough when you talk about Ferraris. After having built 250 Ferrari 275s, they decided it should have a longer nose based on the fact that if you went really fast the nose lifted. Picture that… It has lots of torque! An amazing motor and fantastic driving. It was a really good and really good looking sports car. More than what the GT (Gran Turismo) in its name stood for.
When you combine ravishing looks and racing spirit, you hit the jackpot.

Steve McQueen and Miles Davis owned one. That should say something about the car.

Let us leave you with some gems we collected for your delight.


Written By:

António Guimarães


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