FORA Sunglasses – Vintage Spirit

If you’re looking for a fresh look for this summer search no more.
We introduce to you FORA Sunglasses.

FORA brings a new take on the classic sunglasses design with delicious acetate patterns, quality lenses and an all around cool look to improve your style.
Sure, we love the 714 by Persol but a man should be versatile and original and we got very excited to find this brand. Handmade in Portugal and relatively low-priced for the cool factor they carry this is a brand to have in mind!

The “new vintage” look is what it’s all about!

Their take on the classic aviator look (the WISER – featured below in the MEL option) is one the coolest designs we’ve seen in the last years! The STRANGER is a must have and the GOLDLOVER… Well the name says it all…

That being said if you’re looking for a new pair of shades that’ll get everyone wondering were you found such a stylish piece this is our suggestion.

The following photos from their facebook and instagram will definitely have your attention…



Written By:

António Guimarães


Instagram | Pinterest


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