If you know the Country you know Portugal has all the potential to be a paradise for a surfer soul. You cannot ride along the coast without imagining how great it would be to grab your log and ride the waves of each beach during an infinite summer.

As Portuguese we all long for the sea and to be close to it and our musical scene reflects the feeling specially with the Mighty Sands. They capture perfectly the hazy and laidback Californian “surfer sound” but adding a twist of their own be it by their keys, riffs or by the mixing itself. Calling them the Portuguese Allah-Las is diminishing, this ain’t California and they grew here. Their sound fits our beaches as well as the ancient and narrow streets of our coastal cities and with their sound they carry that melancholy and romance typical of our people.

Formed in 2013 they recently released their second tittle in cassette and digital formats: BIG PINK vol.2 which we share here for the pleasure of your summer longing soul:

Follow the Mighty Sands on: Bandcamp, Facebook and Instagram


Written By:

Manuel Guimarães


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