Gold to match her hair

Simon Kidston keeps the high standard on motor car history report.
It is our moral obligation to share the amazing content of this gentleman’s work.

Do you remember the article we wrote about the Ferrari 365 (365 GT days in 2017) and the romance surrounding motorsport in those days?

Well this is a beautiful story about the Swiss gentleman driver Gérard Spinedi and is love for both Ferraris and his blonde wife Aghdass . Spinedi raced in Europe in the early 60s.
His co-driver was usually his wife Aghdass and he was known for driving gold ferraris. Gold to match his wife’s blonde hair. Together they won the 1961 Rallye de Genève and passionately raced in some of the greatest events in those days (even racing in Monte Carlo, 1961, in a chevy).

Another gem from Simon Kidston.
Thank you sir.
We love your work.

Written By:

António Guimarães


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