Have your heard about the Lounge Edit?

So there’s a channel in Youtube belonging to Mr. jrrylpz with the name Uncle Jerry’s Pad which is the absolute dream if you enjoy stylish old lounge music.

Lounge music is a musical genre that intends to evoke the sensation of being somewhere in some special situation. That’s why sometimes it is called as elevator music because of its use in elevators in the 60s and 70s.

What you find at Uncle Jerry’s pad is a great collection of the best lounge music under the name “Lounge Edit”. He goes even further on his curation work by the titles and imagery he adds to each video with humor and taste. The full pack really transports you somewhere and back in time since we discovered this we cannot get to a beach full of beautiful women without hearing the “Riviera Playboy (Lounge Edit)” mix in our heads.

If Drixxxe is the curator for 70s adult film soundtracks this guy provides the sounds for the good life from older times.

Written By:

Manuel Guimarães


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