Maison Bonnet – Handmade Eyewear

We stumbled upon Maison Bonnet almost by Accident the other day and what we found is an hidden gem which concentrates all the sophisticated characteristics of Paris, all its charisma and savoir-faire in one small but luxurious workshop.

Located in Paris, Maison Bonnet invented the concept of ‘luxury eyewear’ and with their tradition and method they deliver the most custom and handmade Eyewear you can get. Their traditions and craftsmanship give them the title of  Maitre d’Art – a title conferred by the French Ministry of Culture to the carriers of an intangible heritage and masters of their craft.




Run by Franck Bonnet, the Maison was founded in 1950 specialising in custom-made eyewear, exclusively hand-crafted using premium materials. The frames can be made in Acetate, buffalo Horn from Vietnam, India or Madagascar or the most precious and rare material: Turtle Shell which goes from a very dark brown to extra blond (the rarest). The styles can go from classic and conservative to more avant-garde but all of them have a retro feel and lots of personality.

With models made to the likes of the fashion designer Yves St. Laurent, the architect Le Corbusier, Jackie Kennedy and  Aristote Onassis, ordering a pair of glasses is an experience on its own. You are received at the showroom for a two hour appointment to discuss your tastes, profession and habits so the lunettières can draw your personality and embed it on the model design. After that your face is measured and finally you get to choose the colour, style and material of the glasses.

The process of crafting a pair can go from 2 to 5 months and in the end they are carefully inspected by Franck Bonnet and made ready for a final fitting. After that the pair is given a Master of Art stamp and is hand-engraved with your name making you the holder of one of the finest pieces of craftsmanship Paris can provide.


The Maison’s Boutique / Atelier is located in the Passage des Deux Pavillons, 5 rue des Petits Champs, 75001 Paris. Tél : +33 1 42 96 46 35.

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Written By:

Manuel Guimarães


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