Meet the Casta. Willow’s first Custom Bike

This is Willow Casta , the first custom motorcycle made by Willow Motorcycles, a father and son project.

This portuguese company based in Porto was founded by João e José Salgueiro in 2014. João is an architecture student and José is a jewelry designer and both share the same passion about motorcycles, so they wanted to challenge their skills and put to practice their abilities and create a one of a kind motorcycle.
They started with a stock Suzuki GN 250 from 2000 and after a few months of hard work they came up with this beautiful bike! They were inspired by Porto wine cellars : in the color scheme, the brown is related to the wine casks and the red obviously remember us of the wine.  Even the bike’s name, “Casta”, is connected to the wine industry, which refers to a group of individuals who, for some features, are distinguished from others of the same species.
We really think they have created an unique motorcycle with classic lines and attention to detail that stands out from others of the  “same species” and we truly hope to see more bikes from this company soon.
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Written By:

João Salgueiro




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