If you appreciate modern dwelling environments, but nonetheless can’t live away from the elegance that an old neighbourhood can offer, you will definitely enjoy this apartment by ARRIBA, a Lisbon based young architecture firm that aims “to enhance how you experience your everyday life through the reinterpretation of the spaces you live in, from the door handle, to the street, to the city”.

The small apartment is located in the old and charming neighbourhood of Mouraria, Lisbon. The contemporary aesthetic language of the new elements elegantly coexists with the old materials, like the carpentry and stuccowork, that define the identity of the place. The architects gathered all distribution in a space in the center of the house, making use of a “box” that is designed in a flexible way, which allows the house to become either open-space or divided and enclosed, depending on whether the occasion requires a more fluid and free living or instead demands intimacy.

We leave you some wonderfully shot pictures of this intervention characterized by the contrasts it tastefully generates. Modern and Antique. Motion or Rest. Plural or Singular.

Keep up with ARRIBA’s work on their website and facebook page.

Written By:

Zé Alves Costa




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