Spring Time Casual Done Right

That time of the year where you just want to spend your free time outside has come. You start to desire those weekends where you just spend lunchtime or the end of the day eating and drinking some with your friends in a sunny esplanade, you take your classic car to the open every weekend (and wonder how cool you look driving it), you start wetting your surfboard more often and you wish you ended these perfect days with the company of a really beautiful lady.

Such relaxed days demand a matching look and here we provide you with our suggestions. The season demands comfort mixed with style and Porto based La Paz provides it with their 100% cotton Batista Jacket. They reinvent classics drinking inspiration from the Atlantic Coast and the Batista reflects this inspiration with its stylish blue and simple lines. To wear under the Batista no better garment than a simple t-shirt and Rivay‘s  C’est Rapide t-shirt sets the mood for you to drive your classic along the coast (swearing in French is always cool of course). The shades should be paired with the attitude and able to make it even sunnier, the L.A. Coen from Oliver Peoples will do the trick. Finally you should combine the tops with a perfect pair of jeans like Acne‘s Van Slim-Fit Tapered Stonewashed Japanese Denim Jeans and a classic pair of camel sneakers like the Superga 2750 Cotu Classic.

For the wrist you can get inspiration from one of these: TAG, Yema or Rolex. The girl, the Ferrari, the perfect waves and the food & drinks are up to you to get.


Written By:

Manuel Guimarães


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