Our friend Tiago Campos from Portugal made this beautiful flat tracker himself and we love it a lot and guess what? It is for sale!! This Mad Max inspired flat tracker began with a standard Suzuki 350 DR from 1992, which was stripped down and now, after many hours of hard work, it is damn close to the essence of a motorcycle. There is no possible paint job looking better than this bare metal fuel tank and seat cowl. The contrast of metal with the custom black upholstery works beautifully on this Suzuki. Everything on this motorcycle was addressed with one main purpose: to make it look rough! The metal work joined with rivets, the small light built-in the front number plate and the detail of the zebra patterned side stand makes it looks even cooler! Lastly those dirt tires give this flat tracker the mean looks worthy of a Mad Max revival motorcycle. Hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

We remember you, this fierce looking bike is for sale, so if you want more information about this awesome Suzuki, please get in touch with us (form bellow gallery).

Written By:

João Salgueiro




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