‘The Night Manager’ – A Snow Resort Worth of a Spy

When watching the first episode of BBC’s £20m adaptation of John Le Carre’s novel ‘The Night Manager’ you certainly wondered where was that luxurious snow resort. By watching the episode, you easily imagine yourself there with your wool and cashmere turtleneck sipping from your glass of scotch after a ski afternoon when suddenly 007 George Lazenby enters the room requesting your help, or better…  Former Bond Girl Contessa Teresa “Tracy” di Vicenzo enters the room asking you to join her for dinner.

The set for the episode (and for our previous spy movie fantasies) is no other than the stunning Swiss ski resort of Zermatt.

The director of the series, Susanne Bier, explained that one of the reasons she chose Zermatt as a location was that it was almost geographically opposite to the previous location in the programme, which was set in Egypt (but actually filmed in Morocco).

‘Cool, dramatic and expensive’ were the criteria Susanne wanted for the location as said by Tom Howard – Supervising Location Manager.

Written By:

Manuel Guimarães


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