Viola Milano – The Italian Tie

Drinking from Italian culture, the lifestyle of the the Italian Gentleman and being inspired by icons such as Cary Grant, Clark Gable or Gianni Agnelli Viola Milano captures in a perfect way how Italian style is all about looking natural but with a great sense of style setting yourself apart without making to much fuss about it.

The brand offers a wide range of accessories for the modern gentleman but what comes out is their ties. From simple ties with a single but deep and eye catching color to their intricate prints or patterns, attention to detail and the feeling of owning a piece of great craftsmanship is ever present. They use materials from wool to cashmere and construction methods such as the traditional seven fold with handrolled edges. The color palette reflects the colorful colors and cultural history of Italy and it is really easy for you to imagine a passegiata with a beautiful lady by your side.

Definitely an essential!

Written By:

Manuel Guimarães


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